“I’ve had low-grade chronic pain in my SI joint for over 10 years. I get various forms of bodywork weekly to tend to this. During my first bio-tuning session with Beth, that pain went away. We discovered that it was related to emotional energies of disappointment and being unmet, which was incredibly relevant from many experiences in my life. I was pleasantly surprised and delighted that THAT long-held pain area was up for clearing in our session — or even could be cleared. I certainly didn’t know what to expect from a bio-tuning session, but I didn’t expect such a big physical thing to shift. Now, I’m a believer!” – Allison S.


“A very spiritual experience! I came to Beth because she was offering something completely different. The sounds and vibrations from the tuning forks left me feeling relaxed, centered and transformed. Beth is an amazing healer.” - Janice P.

"I'm not really sure how Biofield tuning works, but I thought it sounded really interesting.  Before my session with Beth, my shoulder muscles were extremely tight.  I had been trying to get them loosened up for a couple of weeks with massage and cupping, but it was the biofield tuning that finally worked!  I was surprised at how good my shoulders felt afterward."  - Pamela M.